“Integrated, Not Complicated” With Daren Mazzucca, Vice President/Publisher, Martha Stewart Living, Meredith – Mr. Magazine™ Presents Highlights From The ACT 8 Experience…

May 14, 2018

Daren Mazzucca, Vice President/Publisher, Martha Stewart Living, Meredith, speaking at the Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT 8 Experience, April 19, 2018.

Daren Mazzucca took the ACT 8 Experience stage on the third day of the conference, April 19, and gave those of us in the audience his interpretation of the word ACT, which Mr. Magazine™ defines as “Amplify, Clarify and Testify” the power of print. Daren took his ACT presentation and conformed it to the things that he and his team do on a daily basis at Meredith to market Martha Stewart’s highly successful brand.

• “Amplify” – turning moments into momentum.
• “Clarify” – defining who you are.
• “Testify” – results and success.

Daren’s marketing strategy of the Martha Stewart brand includes the firm belief that advertisers want to do business with people they like and trust, people who can “amplify,” take those special moments and turn them into motivational momentum. Staying true and authentic is powerful, “clarifying” who you are, and not trying to convince marketers that you’re something that you’re not is vital when you “testify,” talk about the results. Clients want to hear about successful results and know that their dollars are being converted into whatever they need to reach that audience.

Today, we are selling everything; cross platform is the only phrase that applies. And that was another important point, which was spot on with ACT 8’s theme of Print Proud Digital Smart, the fact that magazines and magazine media have to be integrated, but that does not mean complicated. From social media to websites, print to events, this integration takes on many roles, but it does not have to be stressful, worrisome, or complicated. Daren showed us that integration is simply a part of the service to clients: what are the advertisers’ needs, what are the brand’s unique benefits to the client, and how does your brand translate that into a media win?

Integrated, not complicated. Mr. Magazine™ couldn’t have said it better himself. In fact, Daren Mazzucca brought his marketing skills onto that ACT 8 stage and in an energetic, no-nonsense presentation showed us that the strategy of print and all things digital does not have to cause frown lines between your brows or knots in your stomach. It’s simply the way things have to be done today in order to produce spectacularly successful results for those clients that keep your brand strong.

To hear Daren Mazzucca’s entire presentation, please click the link below:

To relive all the presentations of the Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT 8 Experience go to http://www.mrmagazine.me and search for ACT 8.

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