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The Wonderful World of Magazines: Forget Dogs and Cats; Too Close for Comfort; and a Lesson from Men’s Health…

December 10, 2012

Forget Dogs and Cats: Sheep, Goats, Bees and Chicken…
Just to name a few… pets were and continue to be a good source for magazine content and magazine titles. However most of the magazines used to be aimed at dogs or cats. Well, it seems that a new breed (pun intended) of animal magazines is making its way to the nation’s stands. Now, mind you, that some of those magazines have been published for years, but not until recently they started arriving on the nation’s stands. I guess the success of the “chicken” magazines led the way to the rest of Noah’s Ark animals to enter the single copy market place.
So without any further due, please welcome with me to the nation’s stands the sheep, goat, bees and of course chicken magazines… Who says the magazine business is not a fun one? Enjoy

ChickensSheep!Dairy Goat JournalBee Culture

Too Close for Comfort…
They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but can imitation be too close for comfort when the logos are so close? Celebrity Cooking magazine just redesigned their logo and it looks amazingly similar to another celebrity cooking magazine that happens to be called Food Network Magazine and happens to be one of the most successful magazine launches in the last few years. Judge for yourself: Food Network Magazine and the newly redesigned Celebrity Cooking!

Food Network MagazineCelebrity Cooking Magazine

Women’s Health Takes a Page from Men’s Health…
Men’s Health single copy covers always had a “sex” cover line that rarely made it to the subscribers’ copies. Now, its younger sister, Women’s Health, is starting to do the same. Newsstand buyers can enjoy “Hot New Sex Positions…” while subscribers have to forget about the new sex positions and just enjoy the “Perfect Party Dresses for Every Shape.”

Women's Health2Women's Health

And here’s for a happy wonderful world of magazines… one blog at a time! Enjoy.

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