ACT 7 Experience Wednesday April 26 Keynote Speaker Daniel Dejan: The Neuroscience of Touch: Haptic Brain/Haptic Brand

January 26, 2017

Daniel Dejan

Daniel Dejan

ACT 7 Experience will resume on Wednesday morning, April 26, with keynote speaker, Daniel Dejan, who will open up the ACT 7 Experience with a presentation on The Neuroscience of Touch: Haptic Brain/Haptic Brand, which unites neuroscience and branding to explore the many ways touch impacts how people perceive brands.

An award-winning graphic designer, art/creative director, production manager and print buyer, Daniel Dejan is widely respected in the print communications industry as a graphic arts educator, author and consultant. As North American ETC, (Education, Consulting and Training), Print & Creative Manager for Sappi Fine Paper, Mr. Dejan provides value-added marketing, sales and technical consultation as well as in-house and end-user training and education for the print, paper and creative communities.

Over the past 30 years, Daniel has written for various graphic arts publications. He served as technical consultant and a contributing writer for “The Designer’s Guide to Print Production.” Daniel is a Certified G7 Expert with a proficiency in Color and Color Management. He has shared his expertise, presenting keynote addresses, seminars and workshops for AIGA chapters, the Printing Industries of America, Canadian Printing Industries, IDEAlliance, the IPA, the Spectrum Conference, Print Production Clubs and Art Directors Clubs throughout the US and Canada, National and International print, design and marketing events, conferences and symposiums, as well as in numerous presentations hosted by paper merchants, printers and corporations, all of which keep him on the road in excess of 200 days per year much to the chagrin of his family and pets.

neuro-science-of-touchThe Neuroscience of Touch is Sappi’s groundbreaking book, written in collaboration with renowned neuroscientist Dr. David Eagleman, and dives deeper into haptics, the science of touch. It explores why touch is such a crucial part of the sensory experience and how it influences emotion and decision making, establishing this sense as critical to any brand experience.

More than half the human brain is devoted to processing sensory experiences. How things feel drives our thoughts and behaviors, influences comprehension, retention of information, and profoundly shapes our emotional connections.

Daniel will explore haptics—the study of how our sense of touch shapes what we think in his Wednesday morning presentation and discussion. He’ll talk about companies that have built deep emotional connections by integrating touchable media into branded communications and shares guiding principles for all to use as touch points.

It will be a great opening morning for ACT 7 – so plan on joining us there! Space is limited, so be sure to register here. We will bill you later.

Stay tuned, more speakers, more programs at the ACT 7 Experience will follow.

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