From Print to Digital and Back to Print: The Journey of Kristine Welker, Publisher, Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine

February 8, 2014

To some it may seem crazy, but to the passionate, fired-up, excited and curious Kristine Welker, vice president, publisher, and chief revenue officer of the newly launched Dr. Oz The Good Life magazine, the move back to print is nothing but a logical step in her publishing career journey. Dr. Oz The Good Life magazine is the third major print launch from Hearst magazines in the last five years, and Hearst is betting on a trifecta!

Ms. Welker was the founding publisher of Cosmo Girl! magazine in the late 90s, and the former chief revenue officer of Hearst Digital Media, a job she held for the last seven years. Now, she is back in the print saddle with the launch of Dr. Oz The Good Life magazine. What gives?

For the Mr. Magazine™ Minute, I asked her why did she move back to print from the digital world? Her answer below:

And stay tuned Tuesday for the in-depth Mr. Magazine™ Interview with Kristine Welker, publisher of Dr. Oz The Good Life magazine.

© Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni, 2014.

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