The Future Notebook (1): When Roger Fransecky Talks, I Listen

October 28, 2010

The first ever Amplify, Testify, and Clarify (ACT) Experience that the Magazine Innovation Center at The University of Mississippi’s Meek School of Journalism and New Media is now history. However, the lessons learned at this experience offered “a mosaic of opinion and perspective, when combined into a whole, provided a good look at where the industry is now and where it needs to go,” as my friend Tony Silber, general manager of Red 7 Media wrote in his blog on the Folio magazine website.

Over the next few days and weeks, I will providing links to the keynote speeches that the first ACT Experience witnessed and heard. Those experiences help us, as the theme of the first Experience promised, Reimagine the Future While We Still Have Time.

The opening remarks at the ACT Experience came from Roger Fransecky, the chief executive officer of the Apogee Group. When Roger talks, I listen. And so did the 125 lucky folks who were in attendance on the opening night of the ACT Experience. Here are some sound bites from Roger’s presentation:

The thing that we are really about is possibility
The invitation of life is to life a remarkable life and never settle for second best
We are no longer in the information business we are in the conversation business
There are no accidents
The spirit of this conference is one of generosity
Real change happens deliberately
The challenge of life is to pay attention
This whole conference is about that nutty thing called change
Some are running on empty because of their belief
The question of life is not what you are doing but what are you becoming

Click here to watch Roger Fransecky’s presentation on Reimagining The Future While We Still Have Time.

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