Quote Unquote: Nothing Goes Away… Words of Wisdom from Esquire’s David Granger

October 16, 2010

From time to time I will be posting selective quotes from top magazine editors and other media pundits regarding the future of the magazine industry. Today’s Quote Unquote comes from the November 2010 issue of Esquire magazine. David Granger, Esquire’s editor in chief writes in his Letter from the Editor,

I lose patience with pundits who prophesy and lobby for the demise of all traditional media in favor of newer forms. Newer media perforce create more ephemeral “content.” And the reality is that all of these forms of expression — new and old, digital and analog — are going to continue, and they are going to continue to prosper. The things we create in print and in digital are so completely different from each other that they appeal to fundamentally distinct needs.The war between old and new is a false construct. Nothing goes away. The human need to create is too great, and the human desire to be entertained is too intense to allow any form, whether books or oil painting or even blogging, to disappear.

They who have ears, let them hear.


  1. That made me smile when I read it yesterday. Love Esquire.

  2. […] di comunicazione, sia il libro, la pittura a olio o il blog, sia destinata a scomparire”. Sono le parole di David Granger, direttore esecutivo di Esquire, uno dei magazine più belli del mondo. E lui […]

  3. David Granger has been an excellent steward for re-asserting Esquire’s rightful place, arguably at the top of magazine innovation. The legacy of Arnold Gingrich and David Smart is in very capable hands.

  4. Finally, someone making sense.

    I almost gave up my legs when I discovered a bike. Then I found out my bike didn’t fit in my bathroom so I went back to yesterday’s technology and, voila, it worked really well.

  5. The human need to create is too great

  6. […] via Words of Wisdom from Esquire’s David Granger « Mr. Magazine. […]

  7. This is very profound and true. Can you imagine a world without books where everything is Kindle?

    I actually believe that the tidal wave of digital media is producing a backlash because it carries too much sensory information. Our eyes need a rest from surfing.

    Magazines must pare down and go back to their calmer, quieter, more grown up precedents. The quality books will endure.

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