We Give Thanks…

November 25, 2020

From an article in The Modern Priscilla magazine from November 1918. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The country is in the midst of World War One and a pandemic at the same time, yet folks were continuing to give thanks… A great and gentle reminder. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving y’all and remember the cover and the back cover of this magazine is from November 1918.

The first Thanksgiving Day celebrated by our ancestors was a day of rejoicing. The year had been plentiful, granaries were full, deliverance from famine was assured.

            Thanksgiving Day this year means this and more.  All our lives we have taken the good things of our country as a matter of course. Some of the older ones worried a bit at the fast pace we are traveling, at the thoughtlessness of our youth, the wastefulness of our ways.

            Nineteen months ago was came to us.  We found that we had a flag whose honor we must protect, a country that we must preserve, an army that we must feed and clothe, and gallant Allies whom we must maintain.

            The gayest and most careless of our young men were among the first to enlist. We found out that they cared after all.  Some of them have made the supreme sacrifice. We have not forgotten, we shall not forget. To-day, we give thanks for that splendid manhood of America.

            We at home have tried to do the things nearest at hand. Not the least of these has been the problem of food conservation. It has been good for us.  We are thankful that there has been something definite for us to do…

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