Editor & Publisher Video/Postcast with Mr. Magazine™: Publishing During A Pandemic

October 23, 2020

Mike Blinder, editor and publisher of Editor & Publisher magazine interviewed me earlier in the week about publishing during a pandemic, journalism, diversity in magazines, and all things magazines. What follows is from Editor & Publisher website.

E&P Reports Video/Podcast

Click her to watch the video cast

Dr. Samir Husni is “the country’s leading magazine expert,” according to Forbes magazine; “the nation’s leading authority on new magazines,” according to min:media industry newsletter; “a world-renowned expert on print journalism” according to CBS News Sunday Morning; and The Chicago Tribune dubbed him “the planet’s leading expert on new magazines.” It’s no wonder he is better known in the industry as Mr. Magazine. 

As founder and director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi’s School of Journalism and New Media, Husni decided he needed to find out how magazines, printers, designers, digital media, and other business executives were coping with COVID-19. His free new book, Publishing During a Pandemic, is online on Issuu and goes behind the scenes with the leaders of the magazine and magazine media, including Stephen Bohlinger, senior vice president group publisher of Better Homes & Gardens and Kent Johnson, CEO of Highlights for Children, recording their stories during the 2020 pandemic.

In this segment of E&P Reports, E&P publisher Mike Blinder goes one-on-one with Husni to gain what insights he learned through the new book as well as how he feels about the future of news publishing and the survival of printed media. He offers tons of advice and information that any news publisher (print or pure play) can use to serve their audiences better. 

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