Mr. Magazine™ Presents: Magazines and Magazine Media in 2019 & The Industry’s Projections For 2020…

December 13, 2019

It’s that time of the year again where Mr. Magazine™ reflects on what happened in magazines and magazine media in 2019 and then projects what will happen in the upcoming New Year 2020.

And while Mr. Magazine™ can tell you exactly how many new magazines were launched in 2019 and others can tell you how many magazines folded, I feel as an observer and student of the industry, the best place to learn about what went on this year and what’s expected to happen in 2020, is to go straight to the horse’s mouth, so to speak, and talk with the ones who would know; the movers and shakers of the industry.

From printing to distribution, from retailers to the corporate floors, Mr. Magazine™ presents a new end-of-the-year series entitled:

Magazines and Magazine Media in 2019 & The Industry’s Projected Future For 2020

The five objectives I hope to achieve from these informative interviews:

  1. As we approach 2020 each individual’s assessment of the future of magazines and magazine media…
  2. Three accomplishments or successes from 2019 for each company…
  3. What each considers to be the biggest challenge they had to face or will face…
  4. What their approach to the future business model of magazines and magazine media might be…
  5. Whether social media (in its many different platforms) is a friend or a foe to magazine media and why…

And there would be no Mr. Magazine™ interview without the traditional question at the end of the interview, “What keeps you up at night?”

So please check back on Monday, December 16, 2019, for the first installment of this new series where Mr. Magazine™ will talk to the heads of the magazine media companies and many other media professionals about the current status and future of the industry…

Until then, hope to see you at the newsstands where Mr. Magazine™ will be rounding up the new magazine launches of 2019.

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