“Garment” Never Disappoints – The Student-Created Magazine From The Amsterdam Fashion Institute Showcases New Ideas To The World Of Fashion Brilliantly

August 13, 2019

Garment, a student-produced magazine from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, is a whimsically creative publication that Mr. Magazine™ has been delighting in now for 16 years. My friend and fellow educator, Frank Jurgen Wijlens, recently sent me the latest issue and as usual it does not disappoint.

The theme from these incredibly passionate and ambitious students this go-round is “underwear.” You can let your imagination take you away from there, because the students certainly did! The magazine cover is incredible, with a die cut center that as the students who created this issue say:

“… encourages you to interact with your inner fantasies and define your own identity in society through underwear.”

Editor in Chief Sophie Hendriks writes in her editorial:

Glad to see our magazine has made its way into your possession. With Garment 2019 – The Underwear Issue, we found a way of you to experience your wildest dreams in print. For a few moments, we hope to take you to another realm of self-exploration and tactile explosions. This year’s editorial team wants to make private matters public. We want to shed light on underwear – a garment that spends way too much time in the dark. We want to tingle your curiosity by exploring all kinds of peculiar garments that people you know might be hiding under their clothes.

Frank, along with the stunning new issue, sent me a lovely note expressing how these students love of print is really visible in the quality of the production of this edition:

Dear Samir, I hope all is well! We’re still going strong and I’m happy to send you this year’s version of Garment Magazine. I guess the students’ love for print is really visible in the quality cover, the special binding, and the size of the magazine. Hope you enjoy it!

And the oversized format just invites a long, leisurely sit-down with this great title.

Which is what Mr. Magazine™ is about to do…

So, grab your inner fantasies and check out the website for the magazine and enjoy these students’ magical minds.


Until the next time…

See you at the newsstands…

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