ACT 8 Experience: Print Proud Digital Smart. Day 2 Recap.

April 21, 2018

As I mentioned yesterday I will be posting the videos from the Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT 8 Experience:Print Proud Digital Smart. Today is ACT 8 Day 2. April 18, 2018.

ACT 8 Experience, Day 2, Part 1
Liz Vaccariello, Editorial Director, Parents Magazine Network, Meredith

ACT 8 Experience, Day 2, Part 2
Daniel Dejan, ETC Print Creative Manager, Sappi North America

ACT 8 Experience, Day 2, Part 3
Joe Hyrkin, CEO, issuu

ACT 8 Experience, Day 2, Part 4
Print Proud Digital Smart, Panel Moderated by Joe Berger, Publishers Marketing Sales Consultant, Joseph Berger Associates
Panelists:Joseph Ballarini, Founder and Editor in Chief, Tail Fly Fishing Magazine, Tony Frost, Senior Vice President, TVGM LLC, TV Guide, and Mark Potts, Managing Editor, Alta The Journal of Alta California.

ACT 8 Experience, Day 2, Part 5
Magazines at Retail: The View from Publisher, Distributor, Retailer & More. Moderated by Tony Silber, Magazine-Media Expert, Founder of M10 Magazine, President Long Hill Media
Panelists:Dave Forsman, EVP of Sales, TNG, Jerry Lynch, President, Magazine and Books, Retail Association, William Michalopoulos, Vice President, Retail, Sales & Marketing,PubWorX,Sebastian Raatz, Publisher/Co-Founder, Centennial Media, and Ray Shaw, Executive Vice President/Managing Director, MagNet.

End of Day 2. To check the entire agenda of the ACT 8 Experience click here.

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