Making Money In Magazines And Magazine Media – Day Three Of The Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT 8 Experience Is Seeing $$$ Signs!

March 23, 2018

ACT 8 Experience Day Three
Thursday, April 19, 2018 beginning at 8:15 a.m.

Bonnie Kintzer

Daren Mazzucca

John French

Bonnie Kintzer, President & CEO, Trusted Media Brands, opens the morning with a keynote speech that will have you energized and mesmerized and ready to move forward into a more prosperous future as we all learn how “Making Money in Magazines and Magazine Media” is done. Daren Mazzucca, Vice President/Publisher, Martha Stewart Living, Meredith, follows Bonnie’s opening discussion with a motivating presentation of his own, then John French, Co-Founder, French LLC, rounds out the first part of the morning’s engaging conversations about bringing in the revenue.

We start the late morning with a panel discussion following the same “green” vein: making money. Jim Elliott, Founder & President, James G. Elliott Co., moderates the prestigious panel of guests including: John French, Co-Founder, French LLC, Bonnie Kintzer, President & CEO, Trusted Media Brands, Daren Mazzucca, Vice President/Publisher, Martha Stewart Living, Meredith, and Kevin Novak, CEO, Founder and Chief Digital Strategist at 2040 Digital. The ideas will be flowing as well as the fountain of conversation. Don’t miss it.

After lunch, the illustrious Bo Sacks, President, Precision Media Group, will get us ready for another Print Proud Digital Smart moment, and we’ll round out the afternoon’s presentations with Mark Potts, Managing Editor, Alta The Journal of Alta California, and an informative discussion about the Mississippi Delta with one of its own sons, Scott Coopwood, Publisher, Delta Magazine, and Thomas Whitney, President, Democrat Printing & Lithographing.

As we end the conversations, letting the last discussion about the rich cultural heritage of the Delta calm our media excitement and fervor of the day, we take a long, slow breath, imagining BBQ, Blues & rolling flatlands, until we realize that we don’t need our imaginations in this case, since we’re about to board the buses for our own Magazines & Music Mississippi Delta Tour!

Then we’re off! Visiting the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, touring the colorful and exciting city itself, having dinner at Ground Zero Blues Club and listening to some of the best Blues in town, with maybe a surprise drop-in from co-owners themselves, Morgan Freeman and former Mayor Bill Luckett (no promises there, but you never know), and then it’s back to Oxford as we wrap up another magazine and magazine media-rich ACT Experience. And after a little shuteye for Mr. Magazine™ and his team, they’re already planning ACT 9, gearing up for another smashingly successful foray into the minds of some of the magazine and magazine media world’s greatest leaders.

So, we urge you to register here today, so that you can be an integral part of all of the excitement. And then click here to view the agenda for yourself. You’ll be amazed and champing at the bit to get to Oxford, Miss. April 17-19 for two and a half days of magazine bliss!

See you at ACT 8!!

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