Your Brain On Print/Your Brain On Digital – Day Two Of The Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT 8 Experience Promises To Be Extraordinary!

March 21, 2018

ACT 8 Experience Day Two
Wednesday, April 18, 2018 beginning at 8:15 a.m.

The Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT 8 Experience’s theme this year is Print Proud Digital Smart, and we invite you to register today and discover how appropriate that theme is to both our ACT 8 Experience and in our media world today. Contemporary success in magazines and magazine media and in communications in general is dependent upon both the printed word and the online pixel. In the 21st century, there is no excuse for any member of any audience having to choose. And our guests on Day Two will exemplify that fact.

Daniel Dejan

Liz Vaccariello

From Liz Vaccariello, Editorial Director, Parents Network, Meredith, to Daniel Dejan, ETC Print Creative Manager, Sappi, North America, you will hear how the two technologies go together like simpatico in motion.

Joe Hyrkin

Joe Hyrkin, CEO of the digital publishing platform, issuu, a medium that enables anyone — from independent creators to global brands — to distribute, measure and monetize their digital content, will also share his expertise.

Mona Hidayet, Executive Director, Clients & Products, Advantage CS, invites you to “Be Scholarly, Think Like a Shoemaker” with her presentation; Deborah Corn, Principal, Chief Blogger, and Intergalactic Ambassador to The PrinterverseTM – Print Media Centr, will give a lively discussion; and Erik van Erp, Founder and Editor, Print Media News, The Netherlands, follows with an internaitonal perspective on media.

On a Print Proud Digital Smart discussion panel happening right before lunch, Joseph Ballarini, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Tail Fly Fishing magazine; Tony Frost, Senior Vice President, TVGM LLC, TV Guide; Mark Potts, Managing Editor, Alta The Journal of Alta California; Jen Ripple, Founder and Editor in Chief, DUN magazine; and John Thames, Founder & Publisher, Covey Rise Magazine, will come together to showcase how each brand’s print component is enriched and enhanced by its digital counterpart. The panel will be moderated by Joe Berger, Publishers Marketing & Sales Consultant, Joseph Berger Associates. You don’t want to miss this dynamic discussion.

And later that day Tony Silber, magazine-media expert, founder of M10 Magazine and president of Long Hill Media, will lead a panel discussion on Magazines at Retail with industry leaders: Jerry Lynch, President, Magazine And Books, Retail Association; William Michalopoulos, Vice President, Retail, Sales & Marketing, PubWorX; Sebastian Raatz, Publisher/Co-founder, Centennial Media: Ray Shaw, Executive Vice President/Managing Director, MagNet; Dave Forsman, EVP of Sales, TNG. The discussion should be provocative and informative, so Day Two will certainly be memorable.

Then we’ll have a “View from Abroad” with panelists: Zenebe Likyeleh Beyene, Instructional Assistant Professor of Journalism Instruction and Director of International Programs, Meek School of Journalism & New Media; Natashia Gregoire, Reputation Manager, Editor, Access magazine, Fed Ex; Abdulsalam Haykal, Founder and Publisher, Harvard Business Review Arabic, United Arab Emirates; Monique de Ruiter, Former Editor Diversity magazine and VTWonen, The Netherlands; and Franska Stuy, Founder & Editor, Franska.NL, The Netherlands. This internationally flavored conversation will be followed by an informative presentation entitled “Millennials and Media Today: Research Findings” by Marisa Davis, Associate Director, Product Marketing – MNI Targeted Media.

Newell Turner

Then the University of Mississippi will present its Silver Em Award to the very deserving Newell Turner, Editorial Director, Hearst Design Group. So, it’s a day and an evening that you do not want to miss!

See you at the ACT 8 Experience! Space is very limited, so click here to register and ensure your place at those two and half days of magazine and magazine media bliss and click here to view the agenda.

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