After 64 Years Between The Covers – Hugh Hefner Makes It To The Playboy Cover

October 31, 2017

A Mr. Magazine Musing…

For the first time ever a man is on the cover of Playboy without a model accompanying him – and it’s the founder himself, Hugh Hefner. And Mr. Magazine™ wonders what Hef would think about that. After 64 years between the covers (no pun intended) he makes the cover, and a few extra dollars to boot.

And what would he think about those few extra dollars, considering the cover price is almost $15 (minus one penny) for the special “collector’s edition” that bears his likeness? Possibly, that he’s no different than the rest of us, worth monetarily more in death than in life.

When Cooper Hefner returned the nudity to the magazine and changed the frequency to six times per year instead of 12 and doubled the cover price to $12.99, which was the same price for a one year subscription; it seemed to be an effort to bolster a somewhat sagging framework. Plus, correct the major error Cooper thought his father had made when he did away with the nudity in the magazine.

And now with the collector’s edition, which has Hefner in profile on the cover, they’ve added the label “collector’s edition” and a few extra pages, and are charging $2 more. For the man who enjoyed being on the inside of the magazine, I contemplate what he would really think about being on the cover? And what he would think about the fairly blatant attempt to not only honor him, but also make money?

Maybe a nod of approval – after all, he always said:

“Life is too short to be living somebody else’s dream.”

Until next time…
See you at the newsstands…

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