August Sparks 18 New Frequency Titles & A Different Approach To Mr. Magazine’s™ Monthly Launch Monitor…

September 5, 2017

With the autumn season approaching, changes are imminent. And for many, those changes are welcomed and long overdue, from cooler weather to football season to pumpkins, s’mores and bonfires. For Mr. Magazine’s™ Launch Monitor, changes begin with this month’s listing of new magazines. Just as there’s a time for everything under the sun, it is time for a new look over at Mr. Magazine™ Launch Monitor headquarters and those changes consist of displaying and documenting the heart of the magazine industry: the frequency titles.

While specials, annuals and bookazines play a major role in the magazine marketplace, the heartbeat and life’s blood of the industry has been and always will be those frequency titles that show up at the newsstands or in your mailbox on a regular basis, whether that is weekly, monthly, or bimonthly. So, beginning with August’s beautiful, and might I say, healthy number of new titles, the Mr. Magazine™ Launch Monitor will list only frequency magazines. That way you can enjoy these gorgeous new magazines here and at the newsstands on a customary level. Also included will be the magazines that arrive to the newsstands for the first time or those which we failed to list in a prior month or that we missed when they first appeared. In addition, magazines that change their name are also included in the count for future researchers to be aware of. Case in point, People Style that used to be Style Watch and MASS that used to be MMM.

So, without further ado, Mr. Magazine™ presents 18 new frequency titles that will give you pleasure and delight (such as the new title Shrimp, Collards & Grits, a new magazine that brings the South to your front door) to a magazine that personalizes and shows the strength in regional titles (J, the magazine all about downtown Jacksonville, Fla. and the many new and wonderful things going on there), to a new title that comes in a box for founding members (the Golfer’s Journal – and please note that the black box this title is sent in to founding member subscribers is also displayed next to the magazine, so it is not listed in the count).

To see all of our beautiful 18 new magazine covers for August 2017, please visit Mr. Magazine’s™ Launch Monitor

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