The Return Of The Electric Car And Other Stories From The Mr. Magazine™ Vault…

May 11, 2017

Will the electric car come back? And movies American can’t see are two from many topics revealed in the August issue of Modern Man magazine.

The editor writes, “Each month the pages of Modern Man represent the sum total of labor by writers and photographers working in widely-scattered cities around the earth. Typical of the wide span of distance covered by these journalists are the contents of this current issue.”

The two aforementioned stories (the return of the electric car) and (movies American can’t see) include the following ledes:

Once America’s leading car, electrics outsold gasoline buggies until they proved unpractical – now they may return in atomic version.

U.S. ideas of morality ban many European pictures and incense foreigners who see film violence as more indecent than nudity.

Did I fail to mention that Modern Man August’s issue was from 1955? Check the magazine and the spreads from the issue below:

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