The Third Sex: Now And Then. There Is Nothing New Under The “Magazine” Sun…

March 17, 2017

This week’s issue of TIME explores how fluid expressions of gender and sexuality are increasingly moving from the margins to the mainstream. TIME’s Katy Steinmetz reports, “A growing number of young people are moving beyond the idea that we live in a world where sexuality and gender come in only two forms.”

The above quote is taken word for word from the TIME magazine press release this week. As you can see by the cover to the right the issue deals with what some are calling “The Third Sex.”

But, wait a minute. Is it really true that this is a new subject and the young people are talking about this now! I beg to differ and so does He, The Magazine for Men, from July 1953. Yes you read that right: 1953.

The main cover line for that issue was The Third Sex: Transvestites. The Truth About Christine.

The inside headline read: TRANSVESTITES CHRISTINE JORGENSEN: MEMBER OF THE THIRD SEX? The editors wrote in the intro to the story,

“The following article is based on an exclusive interview with Miss Jorgensen’s personal medical advisor. It has been supplemented with research in transvestism and allied fields. The Editors believe it to be the first authoritative report on an area of behavior which has too long been kept from the public.”

So take a look at the article above and judge for yourself. There is a rich history in magazines both old and new for those who are willing to do their homework… There is nothing new under the magazine sun!

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