Introducing A New Auto Magazine Circ’ 1962: “There Has Been No Periodical To Truly Reflect The Grandeur, The Majesty, The Adventure That Is The Automobile…”

March 10, 2017

From The Mr. Magazine™ Vault:

Automobile Quarterly: First Issue, Spring 1962 —
“The Connoisseur’s Magazine of Motoring Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow.”
As fate will have it, the magazine folded in 2012, the same year its founder L. Scott Bailey died. A beautiful publication with a hard-back cover sold for $5.95 an issue… If you are thinking of starting a new magazine, read the introduction to the first issue of the magazine and use it as a great example of setting the DNA for your new magazine and its position in the marketplace.

Here’s the intro:

The automobile is an extreme passion with us. As writers, editors and artists we have been drivers, racers and collectors, carrying on a continual love affair with the motorcar. In touring, we have discovered the beauties of the American countryside… in racing, the supreme challenge of speed…in collecting; we relive the great moments of a glorious past. And all the while we have searched for a publication to meet the demands of our enthusiasm and have found a void in the field of automotive literature.

There has been no periodical to truly reflect the grandeur, the majesty, the adventure that is the automobile… none to depict in spirit nor in dimension the lineal beauty of our fond obsession. Nor does any periodical begin to capture the tangible satisfaction comparable with the ownership of our elegant motorcar.

To these ends, we have drawn upon the talents of the world’s leading writers, illustrators, designers and industrialists and created an articulate quarterly, outstandingly designed in hard-cover format, dedicated to pay tribute to the past, the present and the unlimited future of the automobile.

Far too long, the automobile, a long, sleek thing of beauty, has been cramped and channeled into the standard, vertical magazine page.

In our new, iconoclastic, horizontal format we will bring into full perspective the triumphant architecture of the automobile, pioneering many new and varied art techniques. With a glimpse of the past, yet an eye to the future, we will cover significant aspects and obligations of the motoring world. Only in this spirit of dedication and devotion can we hope to make each issue surpass the preceding one, giving delight to the eye, keen satisfaction to the mind and a treasured heirloom for generations to come.

The Editors

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