Falling In Love With Your Audience: Husni On South African e-NCA’s “Maggs on Media”

September 15, 2015

From South Africa With Love

On the set of Maggs on Media, eNCA television, South Africa.

On the set of Maggs on Media, eNCA television, South Africa.

Media24/Lifestyle invited me to visit South Africa and speak at two events: “Media24/Lifestyle presents Mr. Magazine™ in SA” that took place in Johannesburg and “Media24/Lifestyle Summit” that took place in Cape Town, so last week I did just that. After my presentation at Johannesburg, which was aimed at an audience of advertisers and advertising agencies, I was interviewed by Jeremy Maggs, host of “Maggs on Media” on e-NCA television station.

According to e-NCA website, “Maggs on Media is a powerful digest of media issues and topical advertising. This weekly programme features the good, the bad – and the newsworthy of the media world. Presenter Jeremy Maggs’ extensive experience in the media industry makes him an informed facilitator of discussions on issues facing the media. Regular insights from leading local and global thinkers mean viewers are exposed to trends affecting brand communications and the new technologies driving them – and its not a one-way broadcast. An active social media community share their thoughts on programme content and often influence what is covered on the show.”

Click here to watch the opening segment from the program that I appeared on.

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