Inside The Great Minds Of Magazine Makers: “The Mr. Magazine™ Interviews” In A Book.

July 17, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 8.04.21 AMPutting my money where my mouth is, I am publishing a host of Mr. Magazine™ Interviews in a book this coming mid August. The book, Inside The Great Minds Of Magazine Makers, contains interviews with 30 “Magazine Makers” that first appeared on this blog. Believing that the only way for great works to be permanent is to be in print, I am taking 27 of those interviews and publishing them in a 240-page-book. The book is published by the Magazine Innovation Center at The University of Mississippi and printed by Trend Offset.

Mary G. Berner, President and CEO of MPA: The Association of Magazine Media, wrote the introduction to the book. In her intro she writes, “In Inside the Great Minds of Magazine Makers, Samir invites you to join him in his conversations with some of the most powerful and creative people in magazine media today. As these strategists and story tellers navigate the exciting frontier of digital content distribution, measurement, and monetization of magazine media brands, we get a unique fly- on-the-wall perspective on how they continue to deliver engaging, curated and valued content to a rapidly expanding audience.”

In my preface I write, “This is NOT a book about magazines and magazine media. It IS a book about the people who create magazines and magazine media. It is a journey inside their brains to find out what makes them tick and click. A journey that will help readers of this book understand where the creative, the editing, the storytelling, the business, and the marketing skills of today’s magazine and magazine media CEOs, presidents,editors, and publishers come from.”

The 27 chapters in the book (published in random order but keeping interviewees from the same magazine and magazine media company together) include interviews with:

Joe Ripp – CEO & Chairman, Time Inc.
Norman Pearlstine – Executive Vice President & Chief Content Officer, Time Inc.
David Carey – President, Hearst Magazines
Michael Clinton – President, Marketing & Publishing Director, Hearst Magazines
Ellen Levine – Editorial Director, Hearst Magazines
Maria Rodale – Chairman & CEO, Rodale, Inc.
James Oseland & Ellen Carucci – Editor-in-chief & Publisher of Organic Life, Rodale, Inc.
Chris Mitchell – Publisher, Vanity Fair, Condé Nast
Lewis DVorkin – Chief Product Officer, Forbes Magazine
Randall Lane – Editor, Forbes Magazine
Mark Howard – Chief Revenue Officer, Forbes Magazine
Bob Cohn – President & Chief Operating Officer, The Atlantic
Andrew Clurman – Chief Executive Officer & President, Active Interest Media
Carol Brooks & Ian Scott – Editor-in-chief of Simple Grace, & President and Publisher, Bauer Media U.S.
John Temple – President & CEO, Guideposts
Scott Dickey – CEO, TEN: The Enthusiast Network
Liz Vaccariello – Editor-in-chief, Reader’s Digest
Tony Romando – CEO & Co-founder, Topix Media Lab
Tinu – Publisher, Shoeholics Magazine
Todd Paul – President, Open Sky Media, Inc.
Adi Ignatius – Editor-in-chief, Harvard Business Review
Steve Giannetti & Victoria Pope – Publisher & Editor-in-chief, Smithsonian Journeys
Diane Anderson-Minshall – Editor-in-chief, Plus Magazine, Here Media
Mariette DiChristina – Editor-in-chief & Senior Vice President, Scientific American Magazine
Dana Points – Editor-in-chief & Content Director, Parents Latina, Meredith
Daren Mazzucca – Publisher, Martha Stewart Living, Meredith
Lesley Jane Seymour – Editor-in-chief, More Magazine, Meredith

The book is available for a $100 donation to the Magazine Innovation Center at The University of Mississippi. All the proceeds from the sale of Inside The Great Minds Of Magazine Makers will be used to create a magazine student scholarship to help with the costs of students’ internships and such. Please send your checks to Magazine Innovation Center, 114 Farley Hall, The University of Mississippi, University, MS 38677, U.S.A.


  1. There are no BtoB publishers in your book? It looks interesting however shame our side of business not included?

  2. I am disappointed at the high price point for this book which I would otherwise be snapping up.

  3. I agree, with the price point. It’s quite steep. A better strategy would have been to offer multiple tiers of rewards to obtain the book. ie, $20 digital download, $50 hardcover, $100 hardcover + a call with Mr. Magazine.

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