One Magazine, One Diet (or Weight Loss), Two Names…

January 6, 2009

Do you rather go on a diet or would you rather have a plan just for you to lose weight? That is the question that the folks at Meredith seem not to find an answer to. Thus they gave their newest Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication magazine two different names with the exact same content (and what seems to be the IN cover-line these days Yes, You Can!). One edition of the magazine is called Diet 2009 and the other edition is called My Weight Loss. However, neither name of the magazine is to be found anywhere inside the magazine. Even on the table of contents the editors managed to introduce a design element that covered the name of the magazine on the inside cover replica. Clever, very clever indeed!


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  2. Hey, that’s the Art of Marketing for ya… probably it was going out to two different demographics so they spun it in the direction each demo would respond most favourably to.. this kinda stuff has been going on forever in the advertising and marketing industries. Its kinda fun to catch tho. Good eye!!

  3. Yeah! That way they can capitalize on the same article twice.

  4. this was clearly a split test to see which name would garner the most sales. Happens all the time. I’d be curious to know which one won.

  5. yeah I was fuming today when I got home after getting the one titled :my weight loss” didn’t realize I had bought same mag till about 5/7 pages in.

  6. Marketing… they’re either split testing or trying to appeal to two different markets… basically, it boils down to money and profits, otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

  7. That is nuts. They can’t stick to one idea or another based on personal conviction or ideals, so like every politician in the world they try to send mixed signals to cover all the bases!

  8. Lol. They look idetical.

    @Linda I agree, I think their only goal was money and profit and they don’t actually care about the brand. That’s just brutal.

    If I were one of those mag reader and I knew that such stuff is going on, man.. That would be my last time when I purchase it.

  9. where can this mag be purchased, cant find on any website to order

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