On Service And Hesitation: Words Of Wisdom From A Century Ago…

May 26, 2020

From the Mr. Magazine™ Vault

100 years ago in the June 1, 1920 issue of the Campbell’s Courant, “A Periodical of Cheer Published Monthly by the JOSEPH CAMPBELL COMPANY, Camden, N.J.” published two great pieces, inside its front cover and inside the back cover, that I felt are as appropriate today, if not more than the year they were published.

The inside front cover piece was entitled “Service

Willingness to serve is the very backbone of successful merchandising. Of itself, it breeds success; because it is the living evidence of a smooth running organization equal to the task of meeting requirements or of even anticipating wants.

In reality, it means far more than good organization or routing activity. For back of it lies the impelling thought, the feeling, the sincerity, the unselfishness, based upon the understanding that we are all dependent upon our fellows for every benefit derived in this world.

It is merely the working out of the Golden Rule, the practical application of a great principle which always pays – in dollars and cents, in self-respect and true happiness.

The inside back cover piece was entitled “He Who Hesitates

In order to do anything in this world that is worth doing, we must not stand shivering on the bank, and thinking of the cold, but jump in and scramble through as best we can. It will not do to be perpetually calculating and adjusting nice chances. It did all very well before the Flood, when a man could consult his friends upon an intended enterprise for a hundred and fifty years, and then live to see its success for six or seven centuries afterwards. But at present a man waits, and doubts, and hesitates until one day he finds that he has lost so much time in consulting first cousins and particular friends, that he has no more time left to follow their advice.

Words of wisdom from the past.

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