Magazine Media Quarterly: Arriving This Spring– A New Print Magazine For Magazine-Business Executives

January 24, 2019
Friends, readers and fellow information distributors, we are proud to report our direct involvement in a new print magazine project from a lovable team of experts. This is a project created with love and respect for our industry.
It is our hope that you will all subscribe to this free print magazine designed to promote all our businesses and mutual careers. The magazine will be published by the Magazine Innovation Center at the School of Journalism and New Media at The University of Mississippi.
Magazine Media Quarterly
A Business Magazine For Magazine-Business Executives, Coming This Spring!
To Subscribe Click Here
Magazine Media Quarterly, a magazine for magazine-media executives and the aspiring entrepreneurs who want to be part of magazine media.
MMQ is dedicated to the premise that new kinds of information are needed to help publishers prosper in a new media landscape. It’s produced by the University of Mississippi’s Magazine Innovation Center and intended for managers, directors and executives in sales, marketing, content creation, web development, data management and more.
Today’s media leaders want unduplicated insights into the new competitive landscape. They want perspectives and actionable knowledge, all from the leading innovators in the business.
They want how-to analyses, opinion, and case studies in success. And they want to understand the impact of the latest trends, and where the new challenges are coming from, even before they occur. Magazine Media Quarterly is unique in the depth of its knowledge of the market and in its unparalleled access to the thought leaders at all companies, large and small, B2B and consumer.
MMQ’s executive management team includes Mr. Magazine™, Dr. Samir Husni; Bosacks, whose “Heard on the Web” is the industry’s first and most influential enewsletter; Tony Silber, Forbes.com contributor and founder of the acclaimed M10 magazine; and Jim Elliott, one of the leading magazine-sales leaders of this era.
MMQ will launch early in the second quarter of 2019 with an exclusive qualified-controlled circulation of 5,000. Readership will be balanced among the professional disciplines as well as all magazine-media sectors. Select industry suppliers will serve as donors, underwriters, and benefactors.
Because of the limited size of the subscriber file, MMQ will not be able to accommodate all of the people we anticipate will want this ground-breaking magazine.  So we’re offering readers of “Heard on the Web” an exclusive, limited-time opportunity to apply to be on the subscription list. Just fill out the form here, and we will keep you posted in the days ahead as we build the file.

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