“Putting The Consumer First” With Bonnie Kintzer, President & CEO, Trusted Media Brands – Mr. Magazine™ Presents Highlights From The ACT 8 Experience

April 30, 2018

Bonnie Kintzer, President and CEO, Trusted Media Brands, speaking at the Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT 8 Experience, April 19, 2018.

“Adapting and adopting,” a phrase that Bonnie Kintzer, president and CEO of Trusted Media Brands, believes in strongly for the success of a company. When Bonnie came back to Trusted Media brands four years ago, after having been gone for seven years, the company was burdened by debt and had just emerged from its second bankruptcy. The overall mood then was one of despair and dejectedness. Not a great model for success. Hence, the phrase “adapt and adopt” was born.

But Bonnie was determined to see the company come back to growth again. As the Reader’s Digest Association, it had not weathered the times of change and disruption well, but the content of its brands was still trusted and strong.

And today through adapting and adoption of innovation and the taking advantage of new platforms and products that drive today’s magazine consumer, Trusted Media Brands is strong and growing. According to the latest data from comScore, the Trusted Media Brands Digital Network now reaches 63 million consumers a month and is among the top 30 out of 2,000 digital lifestyle networks. The brand teams create around 2,000 pieces of high quality written and video content a month. In fact, Bonnie pointed out in her presentation, based on the most recent data from the MPA: The Association of Magazine Media, Taste of Home and Family Handyman brands are now the top two magazine media brands on Pinterest, outperforming such well-known brands as Allrecipes, House Beautiful, Cooking Light and Bon Appetit. Adapting and adopting, indeed.

On day three of the ACT 8 Experience, Bonnie took the stage that morning of April 19 and talked about “putting the consumer first” and it was a mesmerizing conversation. Her wit, charm and engaging presentation was surmounted only by the truth and wisdom of her words. She opened the final morning of ACT 8 brilliantly.

And to hear Bonnie Kintzer’s entire presentation, please click the link below.

To watch the entire ACT 8 Experience presentations please go to http://www.mrmagazine.me and search for ACT 8 Experience.

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