The Secret Of Making Life (And Magazines) More Meaningful: Words Of Wisdom From South Korea’s B Magazine…

February 14, 2018

Every now and then I read something that stops me in my tracks… something so powerful that it needs to be shared with anyone and everyone involved in magazines and magazine media… This blog’s words of wisdom (WOW) comes from the publisher and CEO of the South Korean B magazine, Suyong Joh:

“Nowadays, when many people talk of the inevitable disappearance of print media or the analog era and tout the need to focus all of our attention on the new digital realm, I continually try to imagine a world in which warm sunlight and trees in gardens are just as valued as the realm of artificial intelligence and robots. Because regardless of which way we turn, I believe that both will co-exist so as to make our lives even more meaningful.” Suyong Joh, Publisher, B magazine, Issue 60, English edition, Page 9

And the people said amen!

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