I Miss This Type Of Journalism: A Monthly Magazine Without Political Slant or Personal Bias…

September 30, 2016

From the Mr. Magazine™ Vault…

The above magazine Know The FACTS, with a tag line that reads,”A Monthly Magazine Without Political Slant or Personal Bias”. In addition to the tagline, the magazine published a creed on the back of its first anniversary issue dated February 1956. The Creed reads:

In the Power of Truth. That the American people want the Facts and all the Facts.
That the people are willing and able to face all the Facts squarely, at all times.
That they want the Facts without Political slant or personal bias.
That the American people do to want to be told HOW to think, or WHAT to think; that they can make up their own minds.
That OUR task is a new one: to give you concise, FACTUAL reports on the issues America is talking about and worrying about; to give you the FACTS without trying to tell you what to think.
That An Informed Public Makes a Strong Republic.

That was 60 years ago and I do miss that type of journalism. No additional comments are necessary or needed. Enough said.

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