The Power And Magic Of Print: Words Of Wisdom (WOW) From The Editors Of Pallet Magazine…

June 14, 2016

Pallet issue 3 Starting today I will be posting short Words of Wisdom as wow mini blogs based on quotes or article written by others about the power of print in today’s digital age. My first selection comes from issue three of Pallet magazine where the editors wrote in their intro letter:

Not many things have the power to make people stop and appreciate what’s in front of them nowadays. A good beer is one and a quality magazine another. Unplugged from the low-level anxiety that comes with reading online, and that bottomless pit of information, sometimes it’s comforting to feel how many pages are left between your fingers.

Knowing there’s a beginning and end to anything, being able to see it, like the last few sips at the bottom of a bottle, always helps you to savor the moments in between.

Letter from editor

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