July’s Magazine Launches Big, Very Big On Book-a-zines…

August 6, 2015

July 2015 showed strong numbers for new launches, mainly book-a-zines, with 81 titles hitting newsstands; 11 with frequency and 70 specials targeted just for our reading pleasure. Many of the new magazines are promoting the positive and trying to eliminate the negative, which in Mr. Magazine’s™ opinion, has been long overdue.

From The Netherlands’ “Remarkable” and “happinez” to First Descents’ “Out Living It,” people all over the world are putting their best foot forward and looking to the future as something bright and welcomed, rather than an unknown entity out to swallow us up in its unmitigated darkness.

Feel free to check each and every new magazine and book-a-zine arriving on the marketplace last month. Click here to see them all. And see below the latest charts comparing July 2015 to July 2014.

Chart One: Magazine Launches July 2015 vs. July 2014
July 2015 v 2014 pie graph

Chart Two: New Magazine by Category: July 2015 vs. July 2014
July 2015 v 2014 top categories bar graph

Until next month, pick up a magazine or two and enjoy.

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