The Power Of Print: Mr. Magazine™ Monday Morning Special Issue.

June 22, 2015

Mr. Magazine™ Monday Morning 6/22 What do MORE, Vanity Fair, and Forbes have in common? All three magazines have illustrated the power of print in a digital age from three different perspectives.

MORE was able to get the First Lady of The United States of America to edit an issue of the magazine, a first in the history of American magazines and the history of a sitting First Lady.

Vanity Fair
was able to generate enough buzz on social media about the Caitlyn Jenner interview, along with amazing photographs taken by Annie Leibovitz, to create a case study which should be copied time and time again on how to best use digital to promote print in today’s marketplace.

Forbes, on the other hand, shows the power of print via its Brand Voice and how to use that brand voice to promote both the advertisers and the content of the magazine.

All in all this past week has been a great reminder about the power of print and to quote Lesley Jane Seymour, editor in chief of MORE magazine, ““Print is not dead; it’s very much alive and if someone hasn’t gotten that message from the recent ink on paper wonders that we’ve had, then they must have been hiding under a rock.”

To read all three exclusive interviews with the editor in chief of MORE, Lesley Jane Seymour, the publisher of Vanity Fair, Chris Mitchell, and the chief revenue officer of Forbes, Mark Howard, subscribe to my Mr. Magazine™ Monday Morning here, or click here to read this week’s issue, and of course you will also find my musing about the power of print and the death of “PRINT IS DEAD.”

Enjoy your week.

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