So, What Is A Magazine? A Good Answer From Down Under…

November 19, 2014

GQ-1GQ letter from the editor-2 Ceri David, editor of GQ Australia, offers one of the best definitions of what a magazine is. He writes in the September/October issue of the magazine:

Is it too early for an existential question? No? Excellent. So: this thing you’re reading right now — what is it? You might think it it’s a magazine — and in many ways you’d be right. But it’s so much more. For us, the people who create this, checking, editing, surviving paper cuts and self-medicating with lots and lots of gin. And it’s worth it, because, well, look at it. It’s a bloody good issue. Though, I would say that. (But it really is.)

That’s how we, the GQ team, view it. As for you lot, I’m hoping it’s still not just a magazine. Rather an experience — a roller-coaster ride that’ll whisk you through the full gamut of human emotions. And I’m not being over-dramatic. Take a look at what’s in store over the next 200-odd pages. Hands inside the vehicle, folks.

David goes on to list seven different emotions that can be found inside the printed issue: Surprise, Sorrow, Envy, Curiosity, Inspiration, Despair and Relief.

As for Mr. David, and in typical Down Under manner, I am proud to say, you sir are not a journalist, you are an experience maker.

Thank you.

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