A Swift and Timely Cover Business Decision for TIME and Bloomberg Businessweek, or Is It?

November 13, 2014


When I was a child, I used to think magazines had spies in each others offices. I was always surprised when TIME and Newsweek would have the same cover, although the story might not be a big hot news story that week to me.
The same would happen with Family Circle and Women’s Day. Similar casseroles on the cover, and here came my conspiracy theories again about the spies planted in magazine offices…

This week’s covers of Bloomberg Businessweek and TIME triggered those memories; Taylor Swift is on both covers. One magazine is a business weekly and the other is a newsweekly, but the covers of both magazines scream People or In Touch weekly. I know that Taylor Swift’s decision to remove her songs and albums from Spotify brought her to the forefront of the entertainment news cycle, but I can’t help but wonder, from all the news and business events that are rocking (pun intended) our world today, is Taylor Swift the lead story of the week?

You be the judge, and while you are at it, please let me know which one of the two covers you think handled Ms. Swift’s image better? Love to read your comments.

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