A Record-Breaking Month In New Consumer Magazine Launches: What A May and If I May… A Mr. Magazine™ Musing.

June 2, 2014

A Month’s Bevy Of New Launches Is Unbelievable! 96 New Titles In All & 27 Of Them Are With Regular Frequency…

From titles whose premier issue didn’t make the cut due to a non-newsstand presence to their second or third issue that did; May 2014 has proven to be a successful month for new launches. 96 new faces smiled back at me as I joyfully shopped and purchased each one…27 are with regular frequency; titles such as Anglers Journal, Bible Fun, and TVTOR show the diverse spectrum of topics that tempted magazine lovers in May…and from the 69 special issues; there was anything from Erotic Ink to book-a-zines paying tribute to the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

All-in-all, May was a spectacular month for new launches. Sit back and have a glass of lemonade as summertime approaches, and we say hello and goodbye to the month of May 2014. Something tells me we won’t be seeing the last of some of these titles from the frequency list…

not a newsstands So for the critics who continue to attack the state of new magazines and its future, all I have to say is that they will continue to talk nonsense when it comes to the health and pulse of the industry and the newbies it brings to the marketplace day in and day out. Some like to talk “non-sense,” others “some-sense,” but as for me and my blog, you are not going to see anything here but commonsense combined with actual field research and study. No pontifications from behind the desk, in the den or inside the walls of academia… (Photo Illustration: The Critics and I)

With all the problems facing the newsstands, (and I know there are a lot) single copy revenues are still far far higher than any digital revenue being generated by the so called “digital magazines.”

Enough said, relax, and take a look at all the new titles. Enjoy!

Here are the new launches with frequency:

12B-12Angler's Journal-5Angler's Journal-35Back to Absolute-16BBQ America-26Bible Fun-13BOSS-30Club Kink-28Code Breakers-27Design Anthology-17Diabetes Self-Management-19Gluten Free Baking4Home & Hill-18Jughead & Archie-25M&V-22Nautilus-32PEOPLE ESPANOL-23Prairie Style-31Red Hot Rock 2-7Red Hot Rock-6Samata-15The Bight-14The OGM-21TV Tor-8TV Tor2-9Ultratravel-10US Veteran's Magazine-20Vapor Digest-11Washington Examiner-24Willow & Sage-29

And now for the specials:

2014 World Cup-34A Taste of Summer-66Afghanistan-51Backyard Style-55Beach Body-49Beach Cottages-65Best of Flea Market-97Best Summer Knits-71Big Boy-40Black Heritage-38Build A Shed-63Climate Shift-44Collector's Edition US-75D-Day 70th Anniversary-52D-Day-60Derek Jeter-82Dragon2-86Dwell-84easy edible gardening-12Erotic Ink-96Farmer's Market Cookbook-81Freedom Summer-58French Style-64From Garden to Plate-42Gluten-Free Cookbook-88Good & fresh-100Great Garden Design-67Grilling recipes-69GRIT-94How to paint anything-77Jackie-61Jordan-70LIFE D-Day-47Living-87MAD-41Man Caves-74Modern Shooter-50National Geographic-83No Bake Recipes-73Out there style-46People Amazing Pets-80Photo Pocketing-98Pope Francis-37Puppies 101-93Quilts-99Reagan-53Recipe Box-39scientific american-59seaside style-68Simple Patterns-102Simply Sweet-89Skinny One Dish-54Slim Down Fast-62Small Yard Makeovers-95Southern casseroles-90Stay Alive-85STYLE-76Sugar Detox-56The Saturday Evening Post-91Two Saints-43USA Today-33USA TODAY2-45Vanity Fair-57Vintage Gardens-72Vogue-79Weeknight Mexican-48Women of the Bible-78World Cup 2014-92World War II-101

©Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni, 2014. All Rights Reserved.



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