A Tribute To My Lebanese Professor And A Cornerstone Of The Lebanese Press Mr. Walid Awad,

June 29, 2019

A Mr. Magazine™ Tribute

Mr. Walid Awad

Lebanon lost on Saturday June 29 a cornerstone of the Lebanese press Mr. Walid Awad. Mr. Walid, as we used to call him, was my journalism professor at The Lebanese University back in 1977, in addition to being a very well respected editor and later owner of a Lebanese newsweekly Al-Afkar, Mr. Walid brought the newsroom to the classroom and vice versa. From him, I learned the art of the interview, and with him I practiced and enhanced my journalism skills.

Sitting on the right of Mr. Walid Awad, yours truly, a senior in college, interviewing the former president of Lebanon Charles Helo.

In the second issue of “The Journalist” magazine that he helped us launch in our senior year, Mr. Walid took the class to interview the former president of Lebanon, Charles Helo. Here is a translation of the lede of the interview that I wrote: “Right before the former president Charles Helo sat down on his classical eastern coach, he said with a big smile, ‘When I read my interview in Al-Hawadeth magazine, I felt my words were published accurately as I said them. Mr. Walid Awad was able to capture every exciting thing that I said without saying any exciting things I did not say, as is the case with some. Honesty in covering the news is the best means to success in journalism. This, my children, is my first commandment to you.”

Thank you Mr. Walid Awad for a job well done and may your soul Rest In Peace. You will be missed.

Issues one and two of The Journalist.

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