Happy Anniversary To Some Of My Dearest Friends… Well, I Mean Magazines.

October 5, 2016

A Mr. Magazine™ Musing…

On any given day you can visit the newsstands and find an expansive array of new titles intermingled with your old favorites, beckoning you to take some time and free-roam the shelves, browsing, picking and choosing from some of the best reflective entertainment and information around. Even though the reports on and about the newsstands are usually from a negative perspective, they’re absolutely still the best place to view American magazines in all their glory.

On a recent visit to the newsstands (yes more than one), I was struck by the number of anniversary issues that many of the legacy titles were celebrating, and it really drove home the point of how powerful print really is when it comes to its stamina and engagement with the reader. Its survivability rate is enhanced when you consider the tangible experience these magazines’ readers have been enjoying for generations. And while we may have seen quite a few first, second and even third anniversary issues hit stands, these are milestone commemorations; many becoming heritage favorites handed down through the generations.


Awestruck, I stood in front of the newsstand just admiring all of the very special anniversary issues I was seeing: Town & Country celebrating its 170th anniversary issue; Science of Mind magazine, its 90th anniversary; Western Horseman publishing its 80th celebratory edition; Sky & Telescope proclaiming its 75th anniversary issue; Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine extolling 75 years also; Robb Report observing its 40th anniversary collector’s edition; Allure celebrating 20 years, along with Wallpaper*, which for its 20th has its biggest issue ever; and Consumer Reports celebrating 80 years with a new design, but the same timeless information.


And this is just a sample that I was able to peruse and finally drag myself away from. Of course, looking at those legacy titles and then seeing all of the new magazines out there each and every month that I keep on buying, collecting and documenting, titles that may or may not have that same staying power quality of the legacies (just check the Mr. Magazine™ Launch Monitor); I find myself wondering sometimes who will document those titles 20th, 40th, or 75th anniversary issues? It’s saddens me to think of all of these new titles that are coming to the marketplace that may have no one to blatantly celebrate their successes through their own generations. Ah – but that’s another musing.

Instead, I’ll just celebrate these anniversaries with some of my dearest friends and find satisfaction in knowing that as long as we have human beings, we’ll have magazines. And remember, if it isn’t ink on paper, it isn’t a magazine. And if it’s not ink on paper, I’m sure there won’t be any 170th anniversary two-cover editions like Town & Country’s even celebrated.

So, go grab these anniversary issues at the newsstand and give them your own Happy Anniversary recognition!

Until the next Mr. Magazine™ Musing…

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