62 New Titles Arrive In October To The Nation’s Stands… 21 Magazines With Frequency And 41 Book-a-zines

November 3, 2015

October is the month when children get excited about Halloween, parents get to indulge in leftover candy and new magazines are abundant. Whether preparing for the upcoming Christmas season or simply doing what magazines do best, reflecting our society, October brought us some of the most engaging content and beautiful imagery since…well, since September. For a look at how Oct. 2015 compared to Oct. 2014 take a look at the charts below…

Chart 1 shows the numbers and chart 2 shows the categories…
October 2015 vs 2014 pie graphs
October top categories 2015 vs 2014

From Guideposts’ inspirational and beautifully done “Mornings with Jesus” that launched after several test issues, to Meredith’s “Beekman 1802 Almanac” and everything in between; the new titles were diverse and simply entertaining with topics and content that will provide the audience with many joyful hours of reading. So, here we go with our beautiful October covers…

The beautiful bake From Scratch from the folks at Hoffman Media joins the rest of the October titles together with Heroes Reborn and Star Wars Rebels and Goder Magazine that arrives with two great covers, front and back, which are shown for your viewing pleasure, but counts as one magazine…

Below are the covers of the magazines with regular frequency and to see all the October titles including the bookazines, check the Mr. Magazine™ Launch Monitor:

All-In-16 Amazing Magazine-19 Bake From Scratch-13 BB Magazine-10 Beekman 1802 Almanac-7 Butternut-2 Elucid NY-2 First Time-3 Forged-5 Goder Magazine Cover 2-12 Goder Magazine Cover1-11 Heroes Reborn-8 Keith-20 Knock Smith Catalogue Magazine-4 LaPalme-1 Lowrider Scene Magazine-9 Mornings with Jesus-1 Pollen-18 Rustic Country-4 Stars Wars Rebels-3 STOL Aircraft Magazine-5 The KNow-15

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