August Ushers 59 New Titles… The Mr. Magazine™ Launch Monitor.

September 3, 2015

From the latest trend in stress relief for adults: coloring books, to the controversial world of marijuana commercial growing and selling; the month of August was filled with titles that continue to reflect the face of our society more than any other medium in the industry.

Arts & Crafts were big this time around and eating well remained important as the kaleidoscope of covers below will show as you give them a look – 59 new titles in all – 20 with promised frequency…it was truly another healthy month for magazines…

Chart 1 below compares the numbers of August 2015 to those of August 2014 and Chart 2 compares the categories of new magazines of August 2015 to those of August 2014.

Chart 1: New Magazines August 2015 vs. August 2014
August 2015 v 2014 pie graph

Chart 2: New Magazine Categories August 2015 vs. August 2014
August 2015 v 2014 top categories

And now for the covers of each and every new launch from August 2015.

**You will notice two Time Specials that are both “Marijuana Goes Main Street,” both covers were included for your viewing, but only count as one magazine…

Up first our frequency covers:

Artenol-21 Biz Peake-5 Cabin Living-19 Calming Art-1 Color Calm-4 Coloring Heaven-2 Coloring Meditation-3 Craft Girl-17 Drones-6 Eating Naturally-10 Faces-14 Gunslingers-18 MG-11 Natural Modern-8 Pain-Free Living-7 Relax with Art-16 Shutter-1 Simply Moderne-9 Take-13 The History of Rock-12

And now our August Specials:

21-Day Yoga Challenge-1 2015 Baseball Hall of Fame-12 All Time Best Make Ahead Recipes-29 All-time Best Recipes-30 American Girl Everyday Fun-9 Attitude Era-10 Coloring is a form of happiness-5 Cottage Counrty-9 Cottage Kitchens-8 Diabetic Desserts-16 Electric Car Insider-10 Elle Style Essentials-2 Felted-17 Forbes The Smarter College Guide-3 From Scraps to Sensational-3 Guide to the Night Sky-26 Haunted Mysteries and Legends-4 Health-20 History's Greatest Conspiracy Theories-28 Kool Kars & Hot Honeys-6 Led Zeppelin-15 Mixed Media Jewelry-19 Movie Reunions-7 Organize your Stuff-13 Pope Francis 2-23 Pope Francis in America-22 Pope Francis-5 Roddy Piper-7 Small Homes-27 The Bible Why It Matters Today-6 The Caitlyn Jenner Story-24 The New Story of the Holy Land-21 The Queen-18 TIME Marijuana Goes Main Street Cover 2-14 TIME Marijuana Goes Main Street-2 Trends-25 Ultimate Book of Bugs-4 Vanished-8 Vanity Fair Special Edition-2 Weapons of WWII-11

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