New Magazine Power By The Numbers: February 2015 Compared To February 2014. A Mr. Magazine™ Exclusive

March 15, 2015

I’ve always said that the vivacity and life’s blood of the magazine industry is in its new launches, as in ink on paper new launches. There is nothing, be it human or otherwise that can continue its species without new birth. And that certainly applies to ink on paper in every way.

The very essence of growth and sustainability is within the confines of creation itself. And Mr. Magazine’s™ Launch Monitor was born from that idea. It is the nursery window where proud parents and relatives or friends of the family can stand and admire the beauty and potential of each newborn ink on paper at their leisure.
launches fef14:15
For the year 2015, I have added a new feature to the Launch Monitor: monthly comparisons. From the Top 10 categories to the Average Cover Price – each month will have the numbers for 2015 and 2014 for you to parallel and consider. The numbers will speak for themselves and the information will be available along with the usual new magazine launches and their covers.

The methodology for this new feature is simple. I am a student of the newsstands. I visit the newsstands almost daily and hunt for new magazines. Every new magazine I find I buy. Once bought, my staff code the magazine, scan the cover and add to my 30,000 plus collection of new magazines. I also depend on the folks launching new magazines and mailing me their first issues. If I do not have a physical copy of the magazine it is not in the statistics. Having said that, I am sure that I do not have every single new magazine. So please treat the aforementioned numbers as the minimum number of new launches.

categories feb 14:15

I hope you enjoy this new feature and I hope it brings another detail of our fascinating world of magazines into a clearer focus and understanding, because it’s a given; we can’t know where we’re going until we know where we’ve been…

It goes without saying that I have each and every one of the magazines posted on the Mr. Magazine™ Launch Monitor and remember my soon to be trademarked phrase “If It Is Not Ink On Paper, It Is Not A Magazine.”

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