Parade Magazine Sold: Editor Maggie Murphy Tells Mr. Magazine™: I Did Everything I Hoped To Do. A Mr. Magazine™ Exclusive

September 18, 2014

With news reports that Parade, the 73-year old Sunday Newspaper magazine, is being acquired by Athlon, I reached out to Maggie Murphy, Parade’s editor in chief and asked her to comment on the sale of Parade and its aftermath. Here is her answer:

maggie murphy With Jack’s (Haire, Parade’s CEO) faith and support, we reinvented Parade.com, created a successful contributor’s network, launched branded content and video, delivered a magazine that was beautifully designed and visually exciting (despite the cluttered environment), launched Dash, and, oh yes, created a great place to work.

I did everything I hoped to do with these brands–except get Joe Biden on the cover! I just ran out of time.

Here’s the thing: I am absolutely sure my uber-talented team will go on to opportunities that will help move the industry forward, and I am looking forward to my next adventure. You can’t edit Parade and not be an optimist. These brands are stronger today than they were when I got here.

And I wish the new stewards all the best.

And here is the Mr. Magazine™ Interview with Maggie Murphy and Jack Haire from last March.

One comment

  1. Why is it now impossible to reach parade magazine by any of their published websites? I have tried to do this, but without success.

    Merl Schachet
    Louisville, Colorado

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