“Be Different, Be Better.” Words of Wisdom From Legendary Magazine Publisher Roy Reiman

May 11, 2010

When Roy Reiman talks, I listen. The man who has launched 14 successful magazines is a wealth of information and ideas. I had the opportunity to visit Mr. Reiman in beautiful Greendale, WI and could not resist the temptation to video tape some of those words of wisdom.

A storyteller and instant idea generator, Roy Reiman has been described as the man who “was born with an endless curiosity about people. He observed, listened and learned… and launched magazines that captured the interest of so many readers that he didn’t need advertising for support.”

From the humble beginnings of Farm Wife News magazine to the great success of Taste of Home, the largest food magazine in the country, Mr. Reiman knew how to treat his customers as friends and his magazines as letters from friends to friends. He sold his magazines few years back, but his love to this business brought him back to the world of publishing with Our Iowa magazine which he started less than three years ago.

In the following three videos, Roy talks about what it takes to launch a new magazine in today’s market place, on whether you can or can’t launch a magazine today without advertising, the realities of the marketplace and his latest entry to the magazine world with Our Iowa magazine.

So, I asked Mr. Reiman, “What would you tell someone who comes to you and say, I want to start a magazine?” Click on the video below to hear his answer:

“Can people still launch a magazine without advertising and what does it take to do so?” I asked. Click on the video below to hear his answer.

“And what about his latest magazine venture, Our Iowa?” Mr. Reiman offers the behind the scenes in and outs of making Our Iowa magazine. Click on the video below to hear the details.

Now, you know, why when Roy Reiman talks, I listen. Keep in mind, if you are going to start a new magazines the four simple WOW words of Roy Reiman: “Be different, be better.”


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