Innovation in Print: John Harrington on the future of single copy sales

June 11, 2009

Did you know that the magazine industry still sells 25 million copies, yes 25 million copies of ink on paper magazines every single week on the nation’s newsstands? Did you know that, with all the doom and gloom surrounding our industry, the economics of the distribution channels of magazines have not yet been effectively addressed? And did you know that the current economic situation may be the best opportunity we have to address the need to change the U.S. publishing business model? John Harrington, the editor of The New Single Copy, and a 30-years plus expert of the single copy distribution channel, answered the aforementioned questions and a little bit more in my series of questions to industry experts about print, innovation and the future. I interviewed John at the Periodical and Book Association of America 23rd annual convention in Atlantic City. Click on the video below to hear John’s answers and his views on making the single copy channel more attractive in a revised publishing model.

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