As Newsweek changes to be the next Economist…

May 15, 2009

It is ironic as Newsweek gets ready to unveil its new reinvention and design, that on the magazine’s web page announcing the new and improved Newsweek, there is an ad for The Economist magazine offering readers a trial subscription for the magazine that Newsweek is said to imitate in its new reinvention. Take a look at a captured screen from Newsweek below.
newsweek web page with the economist ad

One comment

  1. This is more than ironic, it’s insane. It took Newsweek this long to see that The Economist was doing a far better job of being a weekly news magazine? And growing in a down economy? All this and charging many times as much for a subscription? Sheesh!

    Quality editorial is the secret ingredient that makes people buy magazines, and The Economist has that in spades. It has some of the best and most knowledgeable correspondents in every region and most of the counties in the world. Can Newsweek (afford to) match that?

    Here’s ironic for you: The Economist calls itself a newspaper, not a magazine.

    Oh well, they probably got a few bucks for that Economist ad on their website.

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