The Only Obama/Bush Cover I found in Europe…

January 29, 2009

Traveling through-out Europe last week, I came back with tens of newspapers and magazines celebrating the inauguration of President Obama. It was a complete celebration. You would have thought that President Obama has been elected president in Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Spain, and even as far as Finland. However, one magazine stopped me in my tracks: the Italian newsweekly Panorama. Their cover read George W. Obama and the picture is one of the best photo-shopped images that I have witnessed on a magazine cover in a long time. Judge it for yourself and let me know whether you agree with me or not. It pays to be different (sometimes)…


  1. That’s both frightening and fantastic. Did you by any chance read the New York Times piece today called “White House Unbuttons Formal Dress Code”?

    I don’t usually like fluff pieces about political leaders, but this one was pretty interesting (and less fluffy than I thought it’d be).


    • I did… in this economic nightmare, I think there will no room for fluff.

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