Paper vs. Pixel: The Florida Fight (Husni vs. Sacks)

August 21, 2007

My friend Bob Sacks, commented today on my “Bringing down the house of Reiman” blog. Bob comments also mentioned the next dual that the two of us will have at The Florida Magazine Association in Orlando next Thursday. His comments follow:

BoSacks Speaks Out: This is a right on target article by Samir Husni (read it here), that also gives me the opportunity to tell you that he and I are once again putting on the verbal boxing gloves this week, to debate your future. That is correct. It is a point-counterpoint presentation on the future of print and how it will affect the distribution channels of magazines! It is the Keynote Session titled – Paper vs. Pixel.

This is a terrific and ongoing debate/discussion/assessment of our industry and where we see it headed.

There are some industry trends and business models that Samir and I agree upon and some where you will find us in dramatically and diametrically opposite camps. Either way you take it, this slug fest has received nothing but rave reviews by all attendees across the nation. If you are in Florida, you should make every attempt to be there. We may be the ones on stage, but we are talking about you and your career.

We will be at the Disney’s Grand Floridian Hotel in Orlando this Thursday, August 23, at 4 PM at the Florida Magazine Association’s annual Conference.

To see the entire program click here, and to get your own copy of the fight poster click here.

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