A new magazine: The Garden & Gun

March 19, 2007

garden-gun-3.jpggarden-gun.jpg No it is not a typo. The name of this new magazine is indeed The Garden & Gun and it promises to be “a southern lifestyle magazine, for the 21st century Southern America.” There are big guns, no pun intended, behind the magazine. Rebecca Darwin is the publisher. She served in the same post both at The New Yorker and at Mirabella. John Wilson is the editor in chief. He has launched Charleston magazine among other things. The magazine is aimed at “the sporting Southerner, The Garden & Gun reflects the modern lives of affluent Southerners and those who aspire to the sporting life of the South.” The magazine will speak equally to men and women, thus the name…The spring launch issue of the magazine will arrive April 3 promising to be “anchored in tradition, and with the South’s greatest asset, its writers…” Hold your guns until then…

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