Innovation in Print (3): Monocle’s First Anniversary: Make ours an analogue

March 18, 2008

The first anniversary issue of Monocle is starting to make its ways to our shores. The magazine, launched by Tyler Brule last year in the UK, answers a very important question regarding the future of ink on paper and the role the digital revolution is playing both positive and negative. Brule answers the question he has been asked too often since he launched Monocle, “Why we decided to so something in print rather than an exclusively digital venture?” His answer, “We’ve developed a brand that employs both formats and uses them to the best of their abilities. Paper and ink for pictures and words, the web for audio and video.” Brule added, “I think it’s more a case of media owners forgetting how to innovate with paper, and the web has provided a perfect excuse for a market that’s been stagnating for far too long.”
Well this issue of Monocle, like the previous ten, is a perfect example of innovation with paper. Check the cover story on digital photography and check the pictures in Monocle and compare them to other magazines. When Brule promises a “briefing on global affairs, business, culture & design,” he delivers. Check the magazine out here or get your copy from a newsstand near you. It is worth the $10.00. I paid 12 euros (almost $19) in Amsterdam to buy this issue. It is worth it.

One comment

  1. FANTASTIC coverage for a FANTASTIC mag. Thanks much!

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